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What is needed to use the lab?

A PC or a laptop that is less than 10 years old. 

How do I set it up?

The basic license has a limit of 200 credentials with the possibility of using it both at home and at school. Two hundred Usernames and Passwords will be provided to the school. The school will be able to modify and manage them according to their needs and in total privacy.

How can I evaluate my student’s progress?

The progress can be tracked by evaluating the laboratory report that the student independently creates. Student’s notes of the measurements and observations can be downloaded by using the “export” button in the blocknote, located at the bottom of the page on the left.

Can I assess my lab from my tablet?

No, it’s not currently possible to access the lab from the tablet.

What languages are supported?

Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Can I disconnect from the internet once the lab is loaded?

Yes, there is no need for the internet connection once the lab is loaded.

Can I (or a student) save experiment results?

Yes, both a teacher and a student can save experiment results by pressing the “export” button in the blocknote, located at the bottom of the page on the left. 

I can't use the objects in the laboratory, they are Inactive
If the objects are inactive in the Pick & Play panel on the right of the interface, you need to open the "notepad" panel, located at the top left and click on the "Unlock" button.
The experience is initially blocked to allow students to learn about the tools and enter the characteristics (range, sensitivity, etc.) in the "instrument characteristics" table, always located within the notebook.
The experiment doesn't load
To use the Scuolab virtual laboratories you should have the latest version of the browser. 
If when you open the experiment, you see the Scuolab loading bar and then a black screen, please update your browser:
Long loading time

Long loading times may be caused by a poor internet connection or the simultaneous use of multiple applications that rely on the available bandwidth. It is recommended that you close all applications connected to the internet.

Account confirmation email not received

Write to and we will help you out with your account confirmation

How do I try the free demo of the Scuolab experiments?

To try an experiment, you need to first register on the platform using the "register" button at the top right

Where can I find all of the Scuolab’s training materials?

The user manuals and video tutorials of each experiment can be found on the platform, below each experiment. There is also a Scuolab Channel on YouTube, where you can find how-to-videos, webinars, new updates and new Scuolab experiments introduced to the platform.

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