Developing Virtual-Reality labs to improve the learning method by making first-hand experience

Built with the aid of experienced teachers, Scuolab puts a real experimental lab inside your classroom PC using the technology of Virtual-Reality, drastically cutting down maintenance expenses, harms and logistical difficulties due to the lab management itself. Other than an easy to access laboratory experience, Scuolab can be intended as an effective educational support tool.



Like a real science laboratory

The graphics of laboratory equipment and supplies preserve the same features as real science laboratory. The interaction is prompt and effective because it made by natural gestures.

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Experimental Methodology step by step

Scuolab walks us through each step of Experimental Methodology and students can gather data by bservation, manipulation and experimentation of physical and chemical phenomena. Scuolab gives the possibility to make mistakes and help students to understand difficult concepts. It allows to be more confident before going to the real laboratory and educators can get the most out of lessons

Each and every classroom

Just an interactive whiteboard to launch Scuolab and make a great first-hand lab experience for students

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Easy and immediate